GB Projects

OE Electrics

We developed prototypes to help OE Electrics expand its product range and introduce a new material to its offering.

The brief
OE Electrics is home to experts in the design and manufacture of power and data distribution solutions. Its products can be found in call centres, cafes, hotels, hospitals and many more settings all over the world. OE approached GB Projects hoping to develop a socket and data solution made from wood, which wasn’t previously offered in the company’s product range.

Our solution
We spent time liaising with the client to develop an idea that effectively met the needs of the project. During the prototyping stage, we explored a number of different material options before deciding on plywood with a laminated finish. Plywood is on trend in the office furniture industry and this choice made for a cost effective method of achieving the material thickness required. The high pressure laminate on the front face provided a durable finish that is also available in a huge range of colours. The finished product contained intricate sections to house sockets and data. However, our five-axis CNC machining capability’s ensured the product was commercially viable for both batch and mass production

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