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Healthcare furniture

We’ve been crafting high-quality, innovative healthcare furniture for decades. Whether hospitals, dentist surgeries, laboratories or any other clinical setting, we understand our customers’ needs for high-spec patient seating, furniture and specialist products.

As a healthcare furniture manufacturer supplying the UK and beyond, we’re committed to our wholly in-house service – from initial consultations through design and manufacture. We work closely with healthcare professionals and contractors throughout the process to ensure accuracy of the finished product and that it meets the project brief and needs of the end user.

We work closely with clients to create functional but inviting and innovative working settings – and understand the need for balance between patient comfort and a well-designed work space.

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Dental surgery furniture

We prioritise cleanliness and security in dental surgery design. We develop fitted furniture that includes easy-clean worktops to help minimise the spread of germs and bacteria. Plus, lockable storage units, cabinetry and drawers ensure confidential information and medical equipment are kept safe.

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Laboratory furniture

We work with our clients to manufacture laboratory furniture that facilitates a functional working environment for teachers and a comfortable, inspiring setting in which students can learn. Our designs incorporate an extensive range of materials with chemical and impact resistance but we work with each individual client to meet their specific requirements with bespoke products.

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Healthcare reception areas

We work with healthcare providers to design stylish but comfortable and practical reception and waiting areas. We understand that healthcare furniture should create a relaxing atmosphere for waiting patients while utilising the space available – if it’s on the small side, innovative, clever design comes into play.

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Doctors’ surgery furniture

We design and manufacture furniture required for consultation rooms and patient waiting areas, working with clients to meet standards for infection control. We work with materials designed to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and can advise on the most secure units and cabinetry to ensure medical equipment and confidential information are kept safe at all times.

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