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Why choose GB Projects?

We've been making furniture since 1973.


A creation of brothers David and Geoffrey Burrows, the now GB Projects was conceptualised in 1973 following their time spent converting a former Royal Navy lifeboat into a gaff rigged sailing cutter. The renovation was such an enjoyable and rewarding success, the duo decided to put their skills to use full time. D&G Joinery was formed thanks to joiner David and engineer Geoffrey’s efforts and sometime later in 2000, after the firm had gone from strength to strength, it was incorporated as GB Projects Ltd.

The business has remained in the family and, much to our pride, continues to grow and is now run by Geoffrey and his son Edward. We’re a team of 25 committed to the finest quality furniture manufacturing as well as first-class customer service.

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Environmental responsibility

We deliver great-quality final products using sustainably sourced materials. GB Projects is FSC® certified, meaning all our customers can rest assured that they’re not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests. The certification states that wherever possible all our wood products are renewable and material is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Made in Britain

We provide a comprehensive service – from design to installation – that’s wholly managed and controlled here in the UK. That means all our customers are guaranteed programme flexibility and production transparency as they’re involved throughout the process. But being based in Britain also means lower transportation costs, shorter lead times and a reduced carbon footprint.

GB Projects takes pride in every piece of furniture that leaves our UK-based factory. We’re family run and many of our skills have been handed down through the generations – we’re passionate about buying British. We understand there’s a certain emotional connection with the word ‘local’ when it comes to manufacturing and through our service and products we make it our mission to stand by all the qualities that brings to mind – genuine, trustworthy and affordable.

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