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Corian fabricators

The more people move through areas, the tougher it is on work surfaces – today’s commercial environments demand an extremely high level of performance. Corian® work surfaces are synthetic, solid and non-porous. Unique design characteristics and a vast array of colours, combined with the fact it can be formed to meet virtually any design need, makes this one of the most sought-after materials available. We’re approved Corian® fabricators and proud to work with a material revered for its versatility, strength and beauty.

Corian® worktops

Corian® work surfaces are renowned for how remarkably durable and versatile they are. They can be thermoformed to meet any design need, while joints are inconspicuous and don’t allow any fluid penetration. Corian® has a non-porous surface that prevents the build-up of dirt, bacteria and stains, while being easy to clean and maintain.

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Corian® sinks

Corian® has proven invaluable for the healthcare sector. With surfaces and sinks guaranteed to prevent the build up of bacteria, healthcare professionals can undergo their work in the cleanest of surroundings. Sinks and vanity basins can be seamlessly integrated and because Corian® surfaces are renewable, accidental damage is easily repaired, leaving it looking like new.

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