GB Projects


Take a look at the Nissan car showroom furniture we manufactured as part of a nationwide roll out.

The brief
We were approached by a large signage and branding company that was struggling to find a UK-based furniture manufacturer to produce car showroom furniture at the required quality and price. The nationwide project would last approximately five years and require a vast array of items in large quantities including car showroom displays, reception counters, branded walls, salesman desks and breakout furniture.

Our solution
Having been given the opportunity to discuss the project in more detail, we took the chance to value engineer Nissan’s current designs – that’s something we take great pride in having the experience to offer here at GB Projects. This allowed us to not only suggest design improvements but also save our client money. We removed and redeveloped expensive, heavy steel support structures in display units and re-designed them which led to us saving a large amount of weight and installation costs. We were awarded the contract and continued to develop and improve the showroom furniture we manufactured for Nissan over the five-year period.

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