GB Projects


Discover how we brought a taste of renowned artist Salvador Dali to a London-based boutique cosmetics brand...

The brief
Inspired by the artworks of Salvador Dali, Elevatione is a global boutique cosmetic brand with shops across the globe including London, Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA. Because the brand is so unique in concept, design and products, the furniture we manufactured needed to reflect that authenticity.

Our solution
We were initially approached by Elevatione to manufacture a range of furniture for its first London store and since then GB Projects has manufactured furniture for multiple UK and overseas stores. We worked to short lead times and challenging specifications to create completely bespoke, innovative and intricate furniture that’s beautifully in-keeping with the Salvador Dali theme. We manufactured Corian reception counters with secure storage drawers seamlessly built in to create a modern, neat finish. One of the most challenging parts of the project was the manufacture of mannequin legs to support the counter and emulate the work of Salvador Dali. We used our five-axis 3D CNC machining capabilities to produce our own mannequin legs that could hold the weight of the Corian reception counter. Other items included innovative shelving concepts to make best use of the available space and a range of storage and illuminated display stands to perfectly showcase products.

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