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Wood CNC services

At GB Projects, we’re experts in CNC wood cutting services. Our factory is home to three, four and five-axis CNC wood working machines, each one working towards absolute precision for clients’ desired end result. We have more than 40 years’ experience in CNC wood routing services and are capable of machining a variety of materials, including hardwood, MDF, chipboard, laminates and solid surfaces such as Trespa® and Corian®.

CNC wood routing services

GB Projects’ skilled CNC machinists operate our state-of-the-art CNC routers to produce Corian® worktops, solid wood components and bespoke furniture for various industries and environments. Using computer aided design (CAD) software, our high-performance routers guarantee precision and quality. We offer an extremely efficient service with a range of CNC routers to tackle any project, reduce waste and minimise production times.

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5 axis CNC routing 

We can provide high quality 5 axis CNC routing services across the whole of the UK. Our new 5-axis routers allow us to undertake machining of very complex parts in much less time. Our advanced 5-axis CNC routers allow us to carry out precise machining of shaped parts and cut at any angle. The efficient machinery allow for creativity and high-spec design in any furniture we manufacture.

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High-volume CNC wood machining

While GB Projects can cater for smaller, one-off projects or items, most of our time is spent on high-volume batches. Thanks to our CNC capabilities and automated machine offloading we’re able to offer quick turnaround on large batches of components or finished products.

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CNC solid timber machining

We are able to process our own solid timber in-house. Anything from oak, ash, beech and walnut is all cut and planed to size in our wood shop before moving on to our CNC department. This removes the need for us to buy machined solid timber, which is a cost saving we can pass on to our customers. Our 5-axis CNC routers then get to work producing solid timber components for a variety of projects.

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