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Made in Britain: The benefits of UK manufacturing

The UK is currently the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world and employs 2.7 million people. UK manufacturing contributes 11% of GVA – it’s crucial to our economy and prosperity.

As the impact of COVID-19 continues its grasp on the world’s manufacturing, it’s not surprising that some UK manufacturers are noting an increase in new business. Make It British, which surveyed UK fashion and textile manufacturers about the impact on business owing to coronavirus, found that half (50%) of those surveyed reported an increase in new business enquiries received. In these unprecedented times, UK manufacturers can plug any gaps and offer quicker turnaround.

Here, we highlight the all-important benefits of manufacturing in the UK (now and at any time) and consider what the future may hold for the sector when life returns to some form of normality.

High product quality and faster turnaround
With less distance to travel, whatever the product, production to delivery time is significantly reduced, meaning customers can rely on a quick turnaround. Product quality is increased too because of that lesser distance – there’s a dramatically reduced chance of products getting damaged in transit. And it’s easier to build rapports with local companies if you need an order for faulty parts, for example. UK-based manufacturers also find it much easier to conduct stock audits or monitor business practices as it’s all there on site. What’s more, customers will appreciate this quicker, better-quality service and it could lead to repeat sales as you build their trust.

Lower carbon footprint
Every sector – not just manufacturing – is attempting to meet sustainability targets to keep in line with the government’s 25-year plan to improve the environment. UK manufacturing significantly decreases the mileage a product has to travel and in turn, the fuel required. Keeping all work on British soil dramatically lowers a business’s carbon footprint and reduces damage to the environment.

Excellent customer care
UK manufacturers can tailor their service to every customer as well as offer more production transparency, which is often invaluable to them and builds trust. Customers can be offered the chance to visit the premises and view production in person. Conducting your business wholly in the UK also means you’re better positioned to take on smaller minimum order quantities, as you take advantage of relations with local suppliers.

As UK manufacturers continue in their mission to facilitate the resurgence of UK manufacturing, it’s likely to be ramped up several notches when we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. Global supply chains will need to re-think their processes if travel restrictions continue to disrupt how they source raw materials or parts – all of a sudden, local companies are a much more attractive option and the dominant manufacturing countries may soon notice a shift.

While offshore manufacturing will always have certain benefits over UK manufacturing, there’s never been a better time to ‘keep it local’ and support our own economy. GB Projects celebrates UK manufacturing and is proud to offer a service that’s wholly managed and controlled in the UK.

Want to know more about the benefits of UK manufacturing? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through how it can help your business.

Written by
Eddy Burrows

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