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Introducing the new-look GB Projects brand

Welcome to our new website – but that’s not all that’s changed around here.

GB Projects has undergone a major brand overhaul. We’ve rebranded from our old identity to support a new direction in business and open us up to new opportunities as well as better reflect product offering for existing and prospective clients.

We pride ourselves on offering solutions to our clients when they’re left believing their vision cannot be achieved. We wanted our branding to shout about the fact that we use decades’ worth of expertise and the most innovative up-to-date software and machinery to make it happen. The new-look site has been completely re-built with user experience in mind. With clear messaging, we want every visitor to the site to leave with a firm idea of who we are and what we stand for.

Our new brand identity and website has been created to reflect the size, scope and capability of our new factory and machinery, our commitment to offering the best in customer service and the fact we go the extra mile for our clients in various sectors. Our strapline ‘We make it happen’ was born from customer feedback that we are the company they can trust to ensure their product is the very best it can be from a budget, quality of build and timing point of view.

We’ve gone big on interactivity and created an engaging experience while delivering relevant information that we know is important to our existing and prospective customers.

What’s in the design?
Featuring unique, eye-catching design and content that’s easy to digest and navigate, simplicity was key for us. Users can now quickly and easily access the content they’re looking for. We’ve redesigned the menu so you’re not overwhelmed with options and, mostly within two clicks, can easily find what you’re looking.

Plus, we’ve attempted to offer a window into our factory with large imagery and videos so visitors can get a feel for how we work.

GB Projects director Eddy Burrows commented:

“Over recent years we have invested heavily in state of the art machinery and moved to a much larger production facility. Our manufacturing capabilities and the service we offer has been continuously improving and it was time for our brand and website to catch up and showcase our business to its full potential. I couldn’t be happier with the end result, our new look marks the next chapter for our business and exciting times ahead.”

The rebrand has been well-received internally and externally. All staff are happy to be part of a growing and innovative company that’s investing in its future. And it’s an ongoing process as we continuously strive to provide our customers with the finest quality products and first-rate customer service.

Written by
Eddy Burrows

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