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Creating new opportunities from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business program

Eddy Burrows, Director at GB Projects Ltd

Tell us about GB Projects?
We are a UK-based manufacturer of bespoke commercial furniture across several sectors, including corporate, healthcare and retail. As a family run business since 1973, we bring expertise and a high-specification finish to all projects we complete, working with architects, contractors and designers to deliver innovative furniture solutions.

How have you found working with Interact? 
We were immediately drawn to working with Interact as we share very similar company values and structure, in that we are family owned businesses and put our customer’s needs at the heart of everything we do. At GB Projects we pride ourselves on working well with designers, Interact is an ideal customer for us and manufacturing furniture for their Citroen projects was an interesting venture to be involved with.

What was the best thing you took from the GSK course?
I found the GS10KSB course highly beneficial because of the new connections I made one of which was Interact. Although we are only based a short distance from each other, we had not previously met or been aware of each other’s existence. The GS10K course also introduced me to local digital marketing agency, The Bigger Boat, who have since worked with us on our website rebrand, ongoing SEO and social media strategy.

What does the future hold for GB Projects in a post-COVID-19 world?
Whilst the ongoing pandemic has caused a great deal of uncertainty and impacted businesses greatly, we believe there is a positive outlook for the future of British manufacturing. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities allowed us to adapt and remain busy during 2020. We have now decided to make substantial investments in new automated machinery with a view to be able to open new doors and opportunities in 2021. This goes hand in hand with a company restructure, bringing in new team members with diverse skill sets in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. We have a very positive outlook for the New Year and are excited to share further updates in due course.

Martyn Corker, Director at Interact Ltd

Tell us about Interact?
Interact create beautiful, functional interiors for everyone, throughout the UK. We are designers, suppliers and installers of commercial furniture and interiors, working with a broad spectrum of clients, from independent small businesses to multinational automotive brands.

How have you found working with GB Projects?
We were introduced to GB Projects via the GS10KSB forum. GB Project’s impressive manufacturing capabilities and strong portfolio meant that Interact had real confidence in their commitment to the quality of their products. This subsequently led to us working together on one of our core projects – an intensive refurbishment to Citroen’s UK showroom network.
GB Projects share our family owned and managed structure. They also share our ‘make it happen’ mindset and help us to uphold our commitments of exacting levels of quality and feel.

What was the best thing you took from the GSK course?
The GS10KSB forum facilitated a mutually positive connection between us. As we are both members of the GS10KSB Alumni, it acts as a benchmark for proficiency that can be relied upon and bypasses any barriers to engagement. This gave us a great deal of reassurance to begin our working relationship with GB Projects.

What does the future hold for Interact in a post-COVID-19 world?
The office and commercial interiors sector has been impacted greatly by COVID-19. We are positioned to assist our clients by helping them create efficient, future-proofed spaces with a focus on reduced virus transmission, while ensuring their teams and visitors feel good and providing them with somewhere they want to be.

Written by
Eddy Burrows

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