University Furniture Manufacturers

University furniture manufacturers of lecture theatre furniture, IT furniture, classrooms and halls of residence

Our range of contract university furniture is designed and manufactured with quality in mind. With a wealth of manufacturing experience stretching back 40 years our UK based design and manufacturing facility can take on even the most complex projects. We provide functional university furniture which will remain eye-catching year after year.

Whether you require lecture theatre furniture to seat hundreds of students or a much smaller design suite equipped to accommodate a full range of electronic devices we can help. We begin with an initial visit to your university or college to discuss your exact requirements. This will allow 3D CAD visualisations of your finished university furniture to be produced.

We involve our clients in every stage of the design phase. Once designs are finalised our manufacturing facility based near Leeds, West Yorkshire gets to work turning your initial concepts into reality. Installation is taken care of by our fully qualified team, providing you with the complete solution from concept to installation.

Lecture theatre furniture
Lecture theatre seating and desks can all be fully customised to meet your exact requirements. We are happy to quote for all projects large or small and always provide competitive prices. We work direct with clients or with the designer and architect.

University halls furniture
Beds, wardrobes, storage cabinets and more all designed and manufactured by GB Projects. We develop strength and durability into all our halls of residence furniture, which as you are probably aware, is regularly put to the test by first year students.

Libraries from GB Projects

Library Furniture

For a number of years we have designed and manufactured a full range of bespoke library furniture for university’s and schools. This includes everything from bespoke library shelving to university library counters and signage.

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