Library Shelving

Contemporary library shelving systems designed to maximise the use of available space

Library shelving is quite possibly the most important item within any library. There is a fine line between usability and aesthetics which is quite often overlooked. Over the past 40 years we have produced a plethora of library shelving solutions to meet our client’s specific requirements.

We design and manufacture anything from floating shelves, glass shelves,wooden shelves, mobile shelving too completely bespoke library shelving. Our shelving systems have been implemented in a number of libraries for the North Yorkshire County Council including Leeds and Whitby.

Our design team work closely with our clients conducting onsite visits and producing 2D and 3D representations of what the finished shelving systems will look like. Our UK based manufacturing facility has over 40 years experience and as a FSC certified manufacturer you can rest assured that your library shelving will be sustainably sourced.

Whatever your shelving requirements GB Projects can provide the complete solution from concept to installation.

Mobile shelving
Library shelving which is well designed makes a significant difference to the learning experience. Adding manoeuvrability such as carousels & display spinners to library shelving can help display books that would have otherwise gone un-noticed.

Library wall shelves
Static wall shelving made to hold hundreds of books doesn’t have to be bland. Customising your shelving to fit into difficult spaces or too make use of otherwise unusable space can go a long way to improving the overall look and feel of your library.

Bespoke library shelving
If you have a range of larger or historic books we can work with you to design a custom library shelving solution. Whether you require more secure shelving or a solution which displays books rather than makes them available to readers we can help.     

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