Library Counters and Pods

Contemporary library counters and pods designed to stand out

The library counter is one of the most regularly used items of library furniture. They need to be durable without compromising the overall aesthetics. At GB Projects we design & manufacture visually appealing library counters and pods that will continue to look their best in years to come.

As technology changes so do our library counter designs. For example our library pods have been adapted to hold tills, computer screens and barcode scanners. They are also easy to manoeuvre, and can be adapted to fit side by side if you require an extra library pod later on.

During the design stage you can choose from our extensive range of materials including solid surfaces such as Corian as well as traditional hardwoods, laminates, painted finishes and more. Our design team will create a 3D visualisation to show exactly what your finished library counters and pods will look like.

Library pods
A library pod gives you that extra bit of manoeuvrability which is especially important in smaller libraries. Our pods provide a visually appealing, user friendly area for both staff and customers alike.

Library counters
A well designed and manufactured library counter is often the focal point of the room. It is crucial that your library counter has a positive effect on your customers by providing an inviting area for them to interact with your staff. Our comprehensive range of counters can be fully customised to meet your exact requirements.

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