Bespoke Commercial Kitchen Furniture

GB Projects deliver on-trend bespoke commercial kitchen furniture with a difference

Stainless steel worktops and shelving are very popular within the catering industry. However we provide a wider range of materials for those looking for a more visually appealing up market commercial kitchen for their restaurant or bar. If your kitchen is visible to customers why not let us design something that will really catch their eye.

We start by conducting an onsite visit which then allows a 3-D computer visualisation to show exactly what your commercial kitchen furniture will look like after installation.

Once you’re happy with the designs our UK based manufacturing facility with over 40 years experience will start turning your ideas into reality. You can rely on our expertise to produce high quality, bespoke commercial kitchen furniture. Choose from a range of materials including real wood veneers to alternatives such as durable corian worktops, painted finishes or glass. Our team will then take care of the installation at a time that suits you.

Corian worktops
Corian is available in a wide selection of colours from pastels to solid colours, with over 100 shades to choose from. Corian worktops can be joined and formed to meet virtually any design need. It is easy to clean and does not absorb liquids or odours. Sinks can be seamlessly integrated into your worktops. Read more about corian.

Kitchen units
Kitchen units can be custom made to fit your pre-existing equipment such as cookers and extractors. Everything down to the size of the drawers and the individual slots to hold cutlery can be customised to your specific requirements.

Our commercial kitchen furniture can be pre-wired for lighting such as LED‘s, track lighting and under cabinet lighting.

Pop up kitchen units
If you’re looking to save space or just require something a bit different why not ask about our pop up kitchen units. These units allow kitchen appliances such as microwaves, toasters, blenders and TV screens if required, to remain hidden until needed. Powered by gas struts these previously hidden appliances rise from your worktop by the simple press of a button, saving space and providing affordable innovation in your commercial kitchen.

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