Banks & Building Societies

GB Projects provide contract furniture for a number of large organisations in the financial sector

Over the last ten years we have been involved with a wide range of projects providing contract furniture for the financial sector including HSBC, RBS, Lloyds, Post Office and Halifax. Working closely with the client or design agencies ensures the installation of a quality final product.

Most recently we provided furniture for the refurbishment of Lloyds TSB head office, Thread needle street, London which displays our vast range of capabilities and ability to work with high profile clients.

We have the capability to produce furniture for multiple branches and our wealth of experience and manufacturing capacity allows us to competitively price our projects.

Till desks
Security is essential; our custom units keep tills secure and out of sight without compromising on appearance, we guarantee a visually appealing, secure area to interact with your customers.

Welcome desks
Making a good first impression can go a long way, at GB Projects we go that extra step to ensure your welcome desk is the focal point of the room.

Meeting tables
Meet with your clients at one of our contemporary meeting tables which can be designed to fit your available space and brand image.

A comfortable seating area will help during those busy periods when long queue’s can irritate your customers.

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